Shamima Begum IS teenager says losing UK citizenship unjust’

Shamima Begum IS teenager says losing UK citizenship unjust’

Shamima Begum – the teen who fled London to join Islamic state organization in Syria – has stated being stripped of her British citizenship is “unjust”.

Ms Begum, 19, informed ITV news that she determined the house workplace’s selection “coronary heart-breaking” – however she may additionally attempt for citizenship via her Dutch husband.

Her own family have said they plan to undertaking the government’s selection.

But, while requested with the aid of the BBC, Ms Begum said she did now not have a Bangladeshi passport and had never been to the united states.

Ms Begum become a schoo lgirl when she left Bethnal inexperienced in 2015. She changed into determined in a Syrian refugee camp ultimate week after reportedly leaving Baghuz – IS’s ultimate stronghold.

She gave birth to a son at the weekend and now desires to go back home.

The spokesperson stated: “In latest days the house secretary has certainly stated that his precedence is the protection and safety of britain and the individuals who stay right here.”

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She brought: “any other choice i’d strive with my circle of relatives is my husband is from Holland and he has own family in Holland.

“perhaps i’m able to ask for citizenship in Holland. If he receives sent returned to jail in Holland i’m able to just watch for him at the same time as he’s in jail.”

Ms Begum’s husband is a Dutch convert to Islam and is notion to have surrendered to a set of Syrian warring parties about weeks ago.

The lawyer for Ms Begum’s circle of relatives, Tasnime Akunjee, said they have been considering “all criminal avenues” to contest the house office selection.

Mr Akunjee told the independent that the Bangladesh authorities “does now not realize who she is”. He stated: “Our role is that to all realistic purposes she has been made stateless.”

What does the regulation say?
Under the 1981 British Nationality Act, someone can be disadvantaged of their citizenship if the house secretary is glad it would be “conducive to the general public appropriate” and they’d now not emerge as stateless as a result.

Ms Begum has the proper to venture the house office’s decision either by way of tribunal or judicial review, said Lord Carlile.

Lord Carlile informed BBC Breakfast: “The test will be of reasonableness and proportionality so she might must set up that the house secretary acted in a completely disproportionate way in eliminating her nationality.

“That might be a hard project for her due to the fact he appears to have acted in the regulation if it is certainly the case that she is entitled to Bangladesh nationality.”

He said it changed into a “complicated difficulty” which “should run for a completely long term thru the courts”, and Ms Begum ought to stay in which she is “for maybe years at least”.

Lord Carlile said the nationality of Ms Begum’s baby was “even greater complicated”.

Because the baby’s father is believed to be Dutch, he can be entitled to Dutch nationality as well as British and “likely Bangladesh nationality”.

A child born to a British discern before they may be deprived in their citizenship might nonetheless be taken into consideration British.

At the same time as it’d theoretically be viable for the United Kingdom to then cast off citizenship from the kid, officials might need to stability their rights in opposition to any capability danger they posed.

Dal Babu, a former Metropolitan Police leader superintendent and friend of Ms Begum’s family, stated they were “very surprised” by what appeared to be a “kneejerk reaction” by means of the home workplace.

Stressing that Ms Begum had by no means been to Bangladesh, Mr Babu said: “It appears to be a weird selection and i am not completely positive how with the intention to arise legally.”

Former Conservative domestic Secretary Ken Clarke said turning people away could be a “splendid raise for jihadism” because the “loads of foreign jihadis caught in camps in northern Syria” could be similarly radicalised, he stated.

And MP Joanna Cherry, the SNP’s spokeswoman for justice and domestic affairs, said the home secretary’s movements “are extra about his management aims than protection issues or due manner”.

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