No matter where you are, MP3 or MP4 players can be found everywhere. Whether it’s in your office, while doing your household chores, when driving, using the computer, etc., everyone is hooked. You will see that over half of passengers on an airplane, bus or train have headphones in their ears.

What is it that has caused these devices to become such a part of our daily lives, affecting everyone, regardless of age? In 1993, the MP3 audio format became popular. As broadband internet connectivity became more widespread, people began to download and upload music freely from the Internet. The advent of pocket MP3 Players was a result.

MP3 Players or digital audio devices come in two main types: players that use flash memory and players using hard disk drives. Flash-based devices store their files either in internal memory or on external memory cards. This means they are able to hold up 8 GB. The hard drive-based player can be connected to a drive which can store up to 16 GB audio or video files. It means you can carry your entire collection of music mp3 with you!

iPod is a portable MP3 player, with a good battery life and plenty of storage. iPod is a convenient MP3 player that can be directly connected to a computer. This allows you to transfer all your music from the device. Play lists, favorites folders, or arranging your files to suit your needs are all possible. iPod is a brand that has been synonymous with MP3 players and MP4 digital devices.

The MP3 player is so popular that many people use it in other ways. Most people use podcasts. Podcasting allows users to download directly into their device radio-like programming, TV-like video feeds and audio inputs. The owners could download and play these at their own convenience.

The MP4 player is even more advance. These players can also play video and audio files. They can also play other formats such as WMA/PlaysForSure from Microsoft, ATRAC from Sony, AVI and MTV.

The majority of MP4 players are also able to open JPEG, GIF and other formats. These players play AMV or MTV videos that can easily be converted using software to convert other popular formats. The MP4 player also supports plain text (ASCII Format) to allow reading e-books. Many enhancements are available, including FM radio players, phonebooks, cameras and voice records, videogames, etc. There are many other enhancements coming to the device today, including an FM radio player, phone books and voice recorders.

Apple iPod, however, is still the leading brand in this market. The major manufacturers like Sony Panasonic Philips Olympus and others have their own MP3 or MP4 players. The players come in different shapes, sizes and colors. There are also many options for storage, battery life and other features.

When you’re looking for an MP3 or MP4 Player, make sure to check all the above-mentioned features. As these portable players tend to be used while on the move and therefore difficult to recharge, the battery life is of paramount importance. iPods have the best battery life out of any other player. With your MP3 and MP4 players, you have a wide range of accessories to choose from. Even though all players come with headphones, it is a great idea to choose the one you prefer.